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Meditation Nature

Meditation is the science through which we learn how to extract our consciousness from the psychological aggregates where it is trapped.

Through meditation we enter the state of Ecstasy, Samadhi, Satori or Manteia, and experience the great realities of the Spirit, beyond the body, the affections and the mind.

“Drink the wine of meditation from the cup of perfect concentration”  - V.M. Samael Aun Weor

To do this practice we shall go somewhere where we can be tranquil and know we will not be disturbed and take a comfortable position which could be seated in a comfortable armchair, with our feet flat on the ground and the spinal column straight, or lying in the supine position, or in the position of the star or the dead man, we set ourselves to relax our physical body, relax the motor brain from the influence of our emotions, relax the emotional brain through the solar plexus and relax our intellectual brain, calming the mind.

We can aid this procedure with good music, which could be classical, zen music or any kind of music that inspires us and elevates us to the superior spheres of the consciousness.

We can also, before beginning the practice, smoke the room with some aromatic perfume or light some incense and also, in addition to music, have a lit candle for fire to be present, symbol of the LIGHT of CONSCIOUSNESS and the FIRE OF THE BEING, the SPIRIT.

Of great importance at the beginning of the practice is the psychological disposition that we have regarding the practice. We consciously assume therefore an attitude of physical and psychological serenity.

We take some slow and deep breaths, and working with the will and imagination in vibrant harmony we see how our whole body is being enveloped by a very pure BLUE LIGHT, by PRANA and the air’s ENERGY, which gradually gives us harmony, serenity, peace, tranquility and fills us with enthusiasm, with light, with strength and inner revolution.

Breathing consciously in a normal way, we also see how all negative emotions, sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, etc., leave the body, are withdrawn from our emotional center with each exhalation, and with each inspiration we deposit in our solar plexus positive emotions of LIGHT, HARMONY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, FREEDOM.

We do the same with the mind, allowing all thoughts to come, but remaining in self-remembering, we do not converse with them, nor with the mind and we let them come and pass. We do this while concentrated in the mid-brow, in the third eye.

Little by little, as there is no dialogue, thoughts lose strength and withdraw, resulting in the mind quieting, calming down. The key here to achieving this is to sustain self-remembering, to sustain the active consciousness from falling into identification and mental dialogue.

Once the physical body is relaxed and the mind has become tranquil we can pass on to the next step of our practice.


We concentrate on the physical body and meditate profoundly on this marvelous vehicle and on all the services it provides us.

We try to comprehend that thanks to this physical body we can interact with the world of three dimensions and obtain precious information and knowledge of this world and simultaneously have all kinds of experiences in the world of forms.

Without a physical body, a person could not self-realize, it is very important to obtain certain experiences that in the higher worlds do not exist, however we are ultimately not the physical body and so at this point of the practice we will discard it mentally saying:




Second, we concentrate on the etheric body, meditating profoundly on this vehicle and on all the services it provides us, that is, providing us with the energy to be alive, all the biochemical processes of the body, all vital functions, etc., etc., etc.

We can visualize this etheric body as an energetic aura of colors surrounding us.

But our true reality is not the etheric body either and we will discard it by saying:




We continue in the third place by concentrating on the astral body, meditating profoundly on this vehicle and its functions and services.

We try to comprehend that the astral body is related to all the emotional processes, desires, feelings that the human being has and that it is the vehicle which we use every night during the hours of rest in order to enter into the fifth dimension, into the astral world, the world of dreams or the world of the dead, allowing us to have experiences and receive teachings and knowledge in this region of the Universe.

But as ultimately, in reality we are not the astral body either, we will discard it saying:




We then continue to concentrate and meditate profoundly on the mental body, trying to comprehend that it is a vehicle which allows us to interact with the world of the mind and is related to thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc., allowing us to receive and process an immense amount of information that is useful for our learning and our journey through the path of life.

But neither are we ultimately the mental body and we will discard it saying:




Then, in the fifth place, we concentrate on the causal body and meditate profoundly on its existence and its benefits, trying to comprehend that it is a vehicle related to all the volitional processes of the human being and that it is the vehicle of expression of the HUMAN SOUL, in other words it is that set of values and bodies which make it possible for a person to be called a HUMAN Being.

To stop being an INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL and become a HUMAN BEING, it is necessary to incarnate this SOUL on which we are meditating at this moment of the practice.

But ultimately, we are not the causal body either, and we will discard it by saying:




In the sixth place we will concentrate on the buddhic body, the body of the CONSCIOUSNESS and meditating profoundly on it, we will try to comprehend what it is and what its functions and services are.

We realize that this CONSCIOUSNESS is a semi-divine vehicle which has the faculty of interceding for us before our BEING and that it is what gives us the ability to capture direct knowledge in an intuitive way, beyond the intellect and beyond the depressive process of choice.

The CONSCIOUSNESS is an extremely useful vehicle for our spiritual work, but in final synthesis we are neither the buddhic body and we discard it saying:




Finally we will concentrate and meditate profoundly on the BEING, ATMAN, the INTIMATE, assuming a totally infantile attitude, trying to capture the reality of the BEING without thinking of anything.

After a few moments in this attitude, we will say:




There, trying to absorb ourselves in our INTERNAL BEING, HIM, HIM, HIM, we will say:




Then we fall profoundly asleep, riding on physical sleep. Physical sleep is the bridge that permits us to pass from Meditation to SHAMADI.

After a while, we give infinite thanks to our Divine Mother and our INTERNAL BEING for the assistance we received and return to our physical body to conclude the practice.



V.M. Michael (The Awakening of the Consciousness)

  1. ASANA

The body is placed in a comfortable position. In the West we usually sit in a chair or a comfortable armchair, taking into account that the feet must be well supported and the spine straight. We could also lie down in the position of the dead man or in the position of the flaming star.


In this step we must relax our three brains: motor (physical body), emotional and mental. For this, we use the will and the imagination united in vibrant harmony, combined with respiration. We can imagine a powerful blue or golden, or yellow light which relaxes our entire physical body so that when we breathe in it fills us with harmony, peace, tranquility, comprehension, strength, spiritual impulse, love, and light. Upon expiration, all negative forces such as tensions, anxieties, fears, problems, and any antagonistic force that is causing us disorder or disharmony leave the body.

Then we do the same in the emotional center and brain, whose epicenter is found in the solar plexus, totally harmonizing this part and removing all negative emotions such as sadness, distress, fear, depression, etc.

And finally we can concentrate on the midbrow, and from there we can relax the intellectual brain and center, allowing thoughts to pass by without conversing with them, without rejecting them, without taking part in their activities, simply observing them and letting them pass by one after the other, until in a natural way, since we do not give them energy, they fade away and disappear.

This whole process can be aided with good classical or harmonious music, with perfumes, aromas or essential oils and we could also have a candle lit, for fire represents the Spirit in the world of forms. Of course, the above are not absolutely necessary, nor should we depend on them.

At this point it is important to clarify that each meditation practice requires some (physical) sleep in order to establish the link between the physical world and the internal worlds. Meditation without (physical) sleep can damage the brain.

Moreover I would also like to clarify that thousands of books have been written about meditation and its variations with hundreds of techniques full of a great deal of very strange steps and names. In my personal opinion, most of the time, the only thing they achieve is confusing the student who yearns to learn how to meditate, since it makes a theory out of something that is imminently practical.

Meditation is a state of consciousness. The V.M. Lakhsmi told us that to meditate is to compensate. During the day there is a decompensation in us due to the sleep of the consciousness. This should be compensated by meditation, that is to say, by returning to the point of natural equilibrium.

In my opinion, any meditation technique could be summarized in four steps:

1) Control of the physical body.

2) Control of the mind.

3) Experience of the soul.

4) Experience of the Spirit.

If we do not relax the physical body and do not fully control it, we cannot pass on to the next steps. Moreover, if we achieve a good relaxation but at any given moment we move the body, an arm or a foot, etc., that is enough to prevent us from progressing to the next steps. If we were to make a movement like the ones mentioned above we would have to start over the relaxation or the practice from zero.

Once the physical body is under control and is no longer disturbing or impeding, we can move on to the second step where we must control the mind. If the mind is not serene, if it is not passive, without thoughts, without thinking, we cannot advance to steps 3 and 4.

If we have successfully achieved the control of the physical body and the mind we are ready to experience steps 3 and 4 which are experiences of the soul and the Spirit, in that order. This depends on the concentration and consciousness we have in the practice of meditation. A direct contact with our consciousness and with our Internal Being is then produced, permitting us to obtain information and experiences from the internal worlds.

V.M. Michael (excerpt from "Psychological Death")

As it is known by Gnostic students, when a person does not put his work in order, he is at odds with the route he should take so as to continue his work. This means that one day he does a certain type of work, another day another, without following a sequence so as to collect the fruitfulness of each one of the tasks that he attempts to fulfill. Let us take, for instance, meditation. It is necessary that we meditate at least an hour every day. This can be accomplished, if the circumstances permit us, any time of day. If it is quite impossible to do so during the day, it can be done at nighttime, preferably from ten to twelve midnight, or at dawn, between three and five in the morning.

This meditation ought to be done combining the prayers and adoration of the Intimate, asking for illumination; in this way we will be able to merge the conscience with the Light, and at the same time, we will be able to awaken our conscience and strengthen ourselves so as to keep struggling with the different dramas of life, without being victims of the Ego’s attacks, that on many occasions make it impossible for us to continue with our work.

Every person who wishes to advance in these studies, ought to be serious about them, responsible, disciplined, so that he can be sustained in his path and have objective living proofs of the Doctrinal body, making a reeducation of his senses, of his breathing, his food intake, his hygiene, and his behavior with the ones around them.

The person in question should not allow his sense of hearing, for example, to listen to, even if he likes it, to a strident music, double sense jokes, quarrels, controversies, politics, and all that is known to hurt certain susceptibility in the harmony that is being developed at a level of the extra-sensory perception, because it could damage them.

The person should not allow his sense of sight, to get to see barbaric scenes, war movies, morbidity, magazines, newspapers which show unsuitable scenes which can damage the delicacy and purity of our imaginary center and would produce big waves in the lake of our minds, which should remain still and serene…

By no means he should allow his word be turned anytime into an instrument of the Ego, launching offenses, insults, lies, gossip and anything that would harm the geometric, four-dimensional form of the word.

The person should not allow his imagination to take him through a subjective world, ruining the petal of the Lilac Alexandria of the Divine clairvoyance.

There must be a super discipline in the Work, so that when the above negative phenomena appear, he will know how to act.

Dear reader, the negative emotions are fought with inspiration; the negative thoughts are fought with inspiration; the negative instincts are fought with inspiration.

This means INSPIRATION is the weapon that we, the studious of this science, dispose of for arising our Level of Being.

Inspiration is God within us. As we have stated above, it is not fair or reasonable that a person who leads a disorganized life, who does not keep hygiene in his body, in his house, in his home; who does not have a mental hygiene, does not have control of his instincts and emotions, think that he will be able to be an inspired candidate for the Aquarian Age.

V.M. Lakhsmi (excerpt from "The Age of Aquarius")

Flanked by intellectual walls, weary of so many complicated and difficult theories, I decided to travel towards the tropical coasts of the Caribbean Sea. 

There, far away, seated as a hermit of forgone times under the taciturn shadow of a solitary tree, I resolved to put into oblivion all of that difficult compilation of vain rationalism... 

I, with the mind blank, starting from a radical zero, engulfed within profound Meditation, was searching inside of myself for the Secret Master... 

Plainly speaking, I confess with complete sincerity that I took very seriously that phrase from the testament of ancient wisdom that literally states:

Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn. - The Testament of Learning

Obviously, I was searching for the Innermost. I worshipped him within the secrecy of Meditation. I surrendered devotion unto him...

I knew that within myself, within the deep unknown hidden places of my soul, I would find him. The results did not take much time in coming... 

Later on in time, I had to depart from that sandy beach in order to find shelter in other lands and other places...

However, wherever I went, I continued with my practices of Meditation. While laying down on my bed or on the hard floor, I placed myself in the form of the flaming star, open legs and arms towards the left and right, with the body completely relaxed...

I closed my eyes in order not to be disturbed by anything from the world. Afterwards, I intoxicated myself with the wine of Meditation in the cup of perfect concentration.

Unquestionably, as I was intensifying my practices, I really felt that I was approaching the Innermost... 

The vanities of the world were not of interest to me. I knew well that everything from this valley of tears is perishable...

The Innermost, with his instantaneous and secret answers, was my single interest... 

There are extraordinary cosmic festivities that can never be forgotten. This is well known by those divine and human...

In the moment I write these lines, the pleasant dawning of a venturous day comes into my memory...

Out of the planetary body, from the interior garden of my abode, humbly kneeled, I cried out with a great voice while calling the Innermost... 

The blessed one crossed the threshold of my mansion. I saw him coming towards me with a triumphant step...

With precious zephyr dress and an ineffable white tunic, the beloved one came to me. I joyfully contemplated him...

The crown of the hierophants glowed splendidly upon his heavenly head. The whole nature of his body was that of happiness... 

All of those valuable gems, the ones that the Apocalypse of Saint John speaks of, shone preciously on his dexterous hand...

With great firmness, the Lord was grasping the rod of Mercury, the scepter of kings, the staff of patriarchs...

Taking me in his arms, the venerable one sang with a voice of paradise, saying things that terrestrial beings are incapable of understanding...

The Lord of Perfection then took me to the planet Venus, very far away from the bitterness of this world...

Thus, through the secret path of profound interior Meditation I approached the Innermost.

Samael Aun Weor (excerpt from "The Three Mountains")