Monday, June 14, 2021

What is Gnosis

Gnosis is not theory or belief.

Gnosis is a universal divine knowledge
that always was, is and shall be.

Gnosis is the transcendental wisdom
which teaches man how to:

 Know himself

Know the great mysteries of the Universe, of life and death.

Liberate himself from ignorance and illusion.

Merge with That which people call “God”, “Spirit” or “Truth”.

The Origin of Gnosis

Gnosis does not belong to a single religion, school or group,
but is possessed by those who, through great efforts and sacrifices,
have reached the summits of Wisdom and Being:

The Lamas of Tibet

The Brahmin priests of India

The great wise men of China

The magi of Babylon

The hierophants of Egypt

The philosophers and initiates of Greece

The Celt druids

The Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and Toltecs

The Esotericism of all Religions

Gnosis is the secret knowledge that illuminated
the esoteric circle of all religions:

 Esoteric Christianity

 Zen Buddhism

 Tantric Hinduism

 Mohammedan Sufism

 Judaic Kabbalah

 Mystical Taoism

Master Samael Aun Weor

The Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor,
being appointed Avatar of the Age of Aquarius
by the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity, 
was entrusted the mission of delivering to humanity
the Spiritual Message appropriate for this Age.

As Hierophant of the Egyptian Mysteries
and Lama of the Sacred Order of Tibet,
he revealed the Great Synthesis
of all religions and schools
in the heart of which is found hidden
the Secret of Secrets: the Great Arcanum.

As Master of the Ray of Strength
he delivered the most revolutionary Teaching 
ever to appear on our planet up to now
so that all who feel in their heart
the flame of spiritual rebellion pulsing
might also have in their hands the necessary arms
in order to overcome the darkness of ignorance
and egoism within their own self.

Master Lakhsmi

The Venerable Master Lakhsmi,
Master of Love and Inspiration
 and disciple of the V.M. Samael,
firmly consolidated on the Message of the Avatar,
continued giving superior octaves to the teachings.

As the Revealer
of the Jewels of the Yellow Dragon

he was allowed to deliver
the most transcendental wisdom
related to esoteric psychology
and the conquest of our inner Light.

As the Restorer of the Gnostic Church,
he taught all the practical methods and keys
in order for us to transform ourselves
into Living Temples of our inner God.

Master Michael

The Venerable Master Michael
Master of the Awakening of the Consciousness
and disciple of the V.M. Lakhsmi,
now expresses the Teachings of Gnosis
in their most integral and practical form,
teaching us how to find the perfect balance
between our physical and spiritual life.

As a Master of Liberty,
he is known for his simplicity and depth,
providing the travelers on the Path of Initiation 
with the most current and essential guidance, 
informing them about the obstacles and dangers
that appear in the way towards
the Self-Realization of the Being,
as well as how to wisely evade them.

As the Sun freely offers His light and warmth
for anyone who wishes to receive
so the Master Michael openly dispenses
his wisdom, enthusiasm and spiritual guidance
to all who long for the liberation
and awakening of their Consciousness.

Explore the mysterious <br />and marvelous world of Gnostic Wisdom

Explore the mysterious
and marvelous world of Gnostic Wisdom